Sunday, July 13, 2008

August Rush

My family and I watched the movie August Rush this past week - and our hearts and souls were truly stirred and awakened by it. While the movie is somewhat of an urban fairly tale, it is one of those “secular” movies that reflects many “sacred” principles that followers of Jesus Christ would (or should) embrace (i.e. - love, mercy, grace, family, passion for life, faith, worship, restoration, redemption, victory, etc). This movie came highly recommended to us - and we would wholeheartedly do the same. And for guitar guys like me (and Eric and Micah) this movie really was a Rush!

Here are a couple of clips. The first is a scene where Evan (the main character) discovers a way to exercise his passion for music. The second scene is Evan and his father Louis playing guitar together – even though at this point they are not even aware they are related to one another.

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