Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There is a Reason - Alison Krauss

This coming Sunday our music during worship will be in the traditional bluegrass gospel style. I thought I would post this video of my favorite "modern" bluegrass gospel song by Alison Krauss & Union Station. I like the song not only for the music but also because the words reflect the mystery of God's sovereign grace in midst of our struggles in life. (This also connects with my previous post - "Why God Doesn't Fully Explain Pain"). The words of this song are posted below.

There Is A Reason

I've seen hard times and I've been told
There isn't any wonder that I fall
Why do we suffer, crossing off the years
There must be a reason for it all

I've trusted in You, Jesus, to save me from my sin
Heaven is the place I call my home
But I keep on getting caught up in this world I'm living in
And Your voice it sometimes fades before I know

Hurtin' brings my heart to You, crying with my need
Depending on Your love to carry me
The love that shed His blood for all the world to see
This must be the reason for it all

Hurtin' brings my heart to You, a fortress in the storm
When what I wrap my heart around is gone
I give my heart so easily to the ruler of this world
When the one who loves me most will give me all

In all the things that cause me pain
You give me eyes to seeI do believe but help mine unbelief
I've seen hard times and I've been told
There is a reason for it all

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