Friday, August 29, 2008

Raising Boys vs. Raising Girls

Here is another article from the recent 9Marks E-Newsletter on Family and Parenting. This time Andrew Nichols asks the question: “Does the fact that we're having a boy or a girl make any difference in parenting beyond the color of their balloons? The answer according to Scripture is emphatically, Yes! “ He then goes on in detail to explain the need to TEACH BIBLICAL MANHOOD TO OUR BOYS and BIBLICAL FEMININITY TO OUR GIRLS. He closes by saying:

The home is full of embedded portraits of redeemed relationships. Parent-child relationships model something of the relationship between the Father and the Son as well as our relationship with God as Father. Brother-sister relationships model our relationships with each other in the church. Children are therefore no afterthought in God's plan, but one of his key means for preparing humans to grasp the basic truths of the gospel.

To read the full article – Click here.
To read the full 9Marks E-Newsletter on Family and Parenting (PDF) – Click here.

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