Saturday, August 2, 2008

Teaching and Admonishing One Another in All Wisdom

As tomorrow morning we finish our summer season of looking at the "one another" texts in the New Testament, I noticed that last week (28 July 28 2008) John Piper preached a message based on Colossians 3:12-17, with the focus being on the first part of verse 16: "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom."

In the sermon Dr. Piper states that true wisdom is forged in fires of community. Those who seek wisdom need God and prayer, but they also need people to know true wisdom. The normal context in which God answers his people's prayers for wisdom isn't solitude but relationships. Cultivating the kind of relational culture in the church that fosters such wisdom is more important and significant than whether we agree on issues within the church. Wisdom from God that rises out the context of community is that which sheds light within the individual heart and gives guidance to the church as a whole. The community ethos Paul develops in Colossians 3 is a happy culture of peace and thankfulness, teaching and admonishing, rich in the gospel, and pervasively conscious of Jesus.

He ends the message by stating that a healthy relational culture in the church where wisdom flourishes is . . .

- A Culture of Peace: "Christ’s forgiveness because of his death for us is the basis of our ability to forgive and live in peace."

- A Culture of Thankfulness: “Wisdom will rise in an atmosphere of pervasive, humble thankfulness.”

- A Culture Rich with the Gospel: “Everywhere you turn people will be speaking the words of Christ, not just their own words.”

- A Culture of Teaching and Admonishing: “The people will not just be together in worship services but in small settings where they speak the word of Christ into each other’s lives.”

- A Happy Culture: “The relational culture that gives rise to wisdom is a culture that sings from the heart.”

- A Culture Pervasively Conscious of Jesus: “Where Jesus pervades our talk and our deeds, his wisdom will rise.”

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