Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Families Matter to God

This coming Sunday Pastor Lee Boehm will be sharing a message from Deuteronomy 6 on the biblical admonition as to how and what parents are to teach their children. I thought it appropriate to share over the next few days some articles from a recent 9Marks E-Newsletter on Family and Parenting. In the first article Andrew Nichols explains why families matter to God. He begins by writing:

Is Satan more concerned about the families in your church than you are? From the beginning, Satan has tried to destroy the biblically-ordered family. Adam abdicated his headship. Eve usurped her husband's position. Cain killed his brother. Satan's first attacks were against God-given family roles. The assault continues today, and it may be more ferocious than ever before.

In the remainder of the article Nichols explains in detail of the importance of the family by telling us that the family matters to God because the family is a reflection of God Himself, a reflection of the Gospel, and a reflection of the church. He closes by stating:

God evidently gave his first command to humans—"be fruitful and multiply"—because children and families are a central part of his plan to communicate what he is like, how he plans to relate to us, and how we are to relate to each other—forever. So we don't want a diminished view of families, seeing them as obstacles or tools. Nor do we want an idolatrous view of families, seeing them as an end in themselves. Nor should we view them as mere targets for evangelism, or let Satan be more interested in them than we are. Instead, we should build up and treasure and guard them.

To read the full article – Click here.
To read the full 9Marks E-Newsletter on Family and Parenting (PDF) – Click here.

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