Saturday, October 18, 2008

E. M. Bounds on Prayer and Trust

From The Necessity of Prayer by E. M. Bounds:

Faith gives prayer color and tone, shapes its character, and secures its results. Trust is faith that has become absolute, confirmed and completed. . . . Trust is firm belief, it is faith in full flower.

Trust sees God doing things here and now. . . . Trust brings eternity into history and happenings of time, transforms substance of hope into realization, and changes promise into present possession.

Quite often faith is too weak to immediately obtain God’s greatest good. So it has to wait in loving, strong, prayerful, earnest obedience, until it grows in strength, and is able to bring the eternal down into the realms of experience and time. To this purpose, trust masses all its forces. Then here it holds. And in the struggle, trust’s grasp becomes mightier and embraces for itself all that God has done for it in His eternal wisdom and abundance of grace.

Our Lord puts trust at the very foundation of praying. . . . The center of trust is God. . . . When trust is perfect and without doubt, prayer is simply the outstretched hand of expecting to receive. . . . Trust is not belief that God can bless, that He will bless, but that He does bless, here and now. Trust always operates in the present tense. Hope expects. Trust possesses. Trust receives what prayer acquires.

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