Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sinclair Ferguson: Where Do You Come From?

Here is a short clip and some words from the message Sinclair Ferguson shared with us on Friday evening of the 2008 Desiring God National Conference The Power of Words and the Wonder of God.

The Tongue, the Bridle, and the Blessing:
An Exposition of James 3:1-12
by Sinclair Ferguson

When I was coming down the elevator, a person came in who had obviously been smoking. Each time this person opened his mouth, the air became more polluted. Why? Because this person could not but breathe out what was within. James says this is true of the tongue. And like smokers, we never notice the atmosphere we are breathing out. James says every time we open our mouths, we give ourselves away. . . .

One of the burden of my life living in the U.S. is that people keep telling me I have an accent. I can’t open my mouth without betraying my identity. It’s the apparent disproportion between this tiny, little instrument and the connectedness it has to my being that I can’t open my mouth with out showing whether or not I give myself away as someone who breathes depravity in the room. . . .

Wherever you are, it’s not so much what you say while you're in the room, it’s the questions people have when you leave the room. “Where do you come from?” This is someone who has been with Jesus. By God’s grace, James says that we may so grow to maturity that we may begin to speak like our blessed Lord Jesus.

Click here to read/listen/watch the whole message.

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