Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How to Help Kids Memorize the Bible

Here is Orison Piper, the three old son of Abraham and Molly Piper (and grandson of Noel and John Piper) giving us a lesson on how to memorize Scripture. This was posted January 1, 2009 on Molly Piper’s blog. Here is the introduction to her posting:

During the month of December, we decided to read Luke, Chapter 2 every night before bed with Orison. We would do our Advent Calendar reading for the night, then Orison would settle into his bed for Daddy to read the account of Jesus’s birth.

He got excited about the repetition and predictability of it. “Are we going to read Luke 2 tonight?!?!”

The effect of reading one section of Scripture every night for a month was surprising. Nothing we anticipated, really. But on December 23rd, Abraham got him started and did an experiment to see how many words he knew in the story.

Basically, he just kept going. And going.

He had the whole thing almost word-perfect from verses 1-21. We were STUNNED!