Monday, April 13, 2009

Marriage - Men and Women

Mark Driscoll recently shared two messages at Mars Hill Church about the biblical responsibilities for men and women in marriage (March 15 - "Women and Marriage" and March 29 - "Men and Marriage"). I would highly recommend taking a look at both - viewing them in order (watch the video on women first, and then the video on men). Below are clips from each message, and also the full video from each (along with a link to the website if you are having trouble playing the video on this website).

Marriage and Women

Clip: God’s Character and Submission

Full Video: Marriage and Women (click here for website)

Marriage and Men

Clip: Can Guys Change?

Full Video: Marriage and Men (click here for website)

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  1. These sermons are so good...I'm glad that you were able to watch them so quickly.