Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sermon Podcasts are available again

For the last two months the podcasts for my sermons from Arrowsmith have not been updating and downloading very well. The problem has now been corrected by iTunes and - and both current and past sermons are now again available on iTunes.

For those who do not use iTunes podcast, the same sermons are available in three other places:

1 - by clicking the player icon on Most Recent Sermon Player on the right column of this blog.
2 - at my site which is assessable by either clicking on the Click Here for 2009 Sermons under Pastor Leland's 2009 Sermons on the right column of this blog or Clicking Here.
3 - by visiting sermon page of the website for Arrowsmith Baptist Church - which can also be accessed by clicking on the Arrowsmith Baptist Sermons picture on the right column of this blog.

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