Friday, July 17, 2009

Michael Jackson's Real Legacy

The Christian Post recently published an article by Greg Stier about the real legacy of Michael Jackson. Here is a quote – to read the whole article Click Here.
Michael Jackson, perhaps the most talented musician in the history of humanity, died a tragic death and lived an even more tragic life. But I believe that there is one legacy he left that will make a lasting difference. No, I’m not talking about his music. His biggest legacy to the world is the stark realization that all of the talent and all of the money on the planet can never buy lasting happiness. Why? Because happiness cannot be bought it can only be received from the hands of our Creator, our Savior, our friend, Jesus Christ. When you have him you don’t need best selling albums or an oxygen tent to sleep in. When you have him you don’t need anything. Now that, my friend, is something to sing about.

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