Friday, November 20, 2009

Abide in Christ: As Your Righteousness – Andrew Murray

Because of him you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption. (1 Corinthians 1:30)

The righteousness of God, as it becomes ours, is connected with the Person of the Redeemer. . . .

The life and the righteousness are inseparably linked, and the believer becomes more conscious than before of a righteous nature planted within him. . . . The union to Jesus has effected a change not only in the relation to God, but in the personal state before God. And as the intimate fellowship to which the union has opened up the way is maintained, the growing renewal of the whole being makes righteousness to be his very nature. . . .

Abiding in Him personally is the only way to stand, at all times, complete and accepted before God, as it is the only way to realize how the new and righteous nature can be strengthened from Jesus our Head. . . .

Believer, abide in Christ as your righteousness. You bear about with you a nature altogether corrupt and vile, ever seeking to rise up and darken your sense of acceptance, and of access to unbroken fellowship with the Father. Nothing can enable you to dwell and walk in the light of God, without even the shadow of a cloud between, but the habitual abiding in Christ as your righteousness. To this you are called. Seek to walk worthy of that calling. Yield yourself to the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the wonderful grace that permits you to draw night to God, clothed in a divine righteousness. Take time to realize that the King’s own robe has indeed been put on, and that in it you need not fear entering His presence. It is the token that you are the man who the King delights to honour. . . . Live your daily life in the full consciousness of being righteous in God’s sight, an object of delight and pleasure in Christ. . . . So shall your inmost being be transformed into being righteous and doing righteousness. In your heart and life it will become manifest where you dwell; abiding in Jesus Christ, the Righteous One, you will share His position, His character, and His blessedness. . . .

from "Abide in Christ: Thoughts on the Blessed Life of Fellowship with the Son of God" by Andrew Murray


  1. "...You bear about with you a nature altogether corrupt and vile, ever seeking to rise up and darken your sense of acceptance..." The nature of which this cloak or robe of sin is the heaviest weight to bear in light of the kingly robe God offers. Replacing one with the other feels most awkward in that I am too weak to shrug off the old in order to wear the new. I try to seek, I try to walk, I try to take time, I try to live, but they're all acts of which I recognize my own futility and clumsy fumbling too often. To humbly shrug to allow the weighty nature fall from my shoulders to enable Him to wrap His robe around me, is my constant struggle. Why can't I choose to see myself clothed moment by moment by His grace, to only see myself shrouded in gloom. Thanks and praise be to Jesus who chose and still chooses for me...when I remember the mercy by His blood.

  2. Anonymous - well put! Yes, to "humbly shrug" off our "weighty nature" - and why we cannot "choose" to see our ourselves "clothed moment by moment by His grace" - is our common stuggle.

    I join with you in praising our most sovereign God who through Jesus Christ "chose and still chooses" us!