Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Sovereign Purpose of God in Seasons of Dryness

And after a while the brook dried up, because there was no rain in the land. 1 Kings 17:7

Excerpt from “God’s Endless Provision” - 2011-06-19
There are times in life when our brooks dry up. Maybe you don’t have everything you want, but your needs are being taken care of - but then just suddenly, your brook dries up. Maybe your job may is not the best but your needs are being taken care of - but then suddenly, without warning, your brook dries up. Maybe you’ve been pretty healthy most of your life – but then suddenly, your brook dries up. Oftentimes the things of life – health, family, employment, recreation, education, faith – are just rolling along or even thriving, and then one day - the brook dries up. What we thought was going to continue, what we took for granted, is suddenly gone - and we begin to worry and wonder why.

God’s Word tells us that the brook dried up because there was no rain in the land. But the truth is - God was still in control. He is the one who makes is rain. God’s grace is always more than sufficient. If God can command ravens, He could have commanded that brook to continue to flow, even during dry times. God watered a million Israelites and their flocks in the desert with enough water; surely He could have watered one man for a period of time. But that wasn’t God’s will. Nor was it His purpose or plan. It was also not the will of God that Elijah stay at Cherith, for there was still greater work to be done in Elijah’s life, greater work ahead in his life for the glory of God. When our brooks dry up God is calling us to change – and move to the next place where he has something for us to do.

Nothing dramatic or awesome happened at the Cherith. The Cherith was not for miracles nor for provision nor for protection nor for prosperity, nor for health or wealth. Cherith was about trusting God; Cherith was about obedience in the face of trial. Cherith was about preparing Elijah for the greater things to come in his life. When our brooks dry up, God is preparing us to be used for something greater for the cause of His glory– if we respond with obedience.