Monday, July 25, 2011

The Blessings of 30 Years of Marriage

Last Monday Nancy and I celebrated 30 years of marriage together. As we have looked back over our lives together, we stand amazed at the many ways God has been so faithful to us throughout the years. Yes, God is good . . . all the time! I have also been blessed by God to have been given Nancy as my wife. She is a special gift far more I could ever have asked for. Nancy has shown me more grace, mercy and love than I ever deserve. It would be easy to say to her: "Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all!" (Proverbs 31:29).

On our anniversary we were also humbled and blessed to have our daughter Jennifer post the following:

30 Things I've Learned From My Parents...On Their 30th Anniversary

by Jennifer Botzet

1. What it is like to be loved in spite of the fact that you can be a serious pain sometimes.

2. How to live life with no fear.

3. God's sovereign hand shapes pain and suffering into something beautiful.

4. A food fight in the middle of dinner can be an effective way to resolve an argument.

5. When God calls you to go somewhere and do just do it without asking why.

6. Doorstops keep wolverines away from your house.

7. You shouldn't quit playing baseball just because you got hit in the head by a wild pitch and then five minutes later by a line the same spot. Seriously, you'll be fine.

8. Memorize Scripture and use it as a way to guide prayer.

9. Camping is only camping if you have to haul all your gear on your back, canoe for eight hours into the wind, be paranoid about bears, sleep on rocks, sustain a few minor injuries, be a bit hungry because you can't eat another bite of fish or trail mix, and go without a shower, bathroom, phone, or seeing other human beings for at least a week.

10. Every single thing is from God's hand - even those things that break you and cause many tears. This is a reason to give Him praise.

11. "Happy Birthday" is meant to be sung as painfully and intentionally off key as possible.

12. You always finish what you start.

13. How to ride a horse, and how to not fall off of said horse when he does something unpredictable (because at some point...he will).

14. If you don't have money to buy something...then don't buy it.

15. How to milk a goat without making it angry and causing it to kick you in the face.

16. Read books that are difficult to understand.

17. Listen to sermons by people that are way smarter than you are.

18. Things that are hard are good for you.

19. Face hardship with the joy of the Lord as your strength.

20. Family is a merciful gift from God.

21. I am an undeserving, dirty, rotten sinner, and Jesus is a merciful, loving, and gracious Savior.

22. Pray as often as you breathe.

23. The cute baby calf you named, bottle fed, and that grew up into a big cow...she's for eating (actual dinner conversation: "Is this Gretchen?" "No, I think this roast is Freddie...").

24. The best way to find answers to your questions about the to read the Bible.

25. Having no real roots or home on this earth is a good thing. It is a blessing and a reminder of where I really belong and where I will someday be.

26. To live with no regret is to walk in utter obedience to God even when what He is asking you to do doesn't make sense.

27. Grades are not as important as what you learn...and your perfectionist tendencies can be sinful.

28. You will be a work in progress until the day you are in glory.

29. The only opinion you should care about is God's.

30. You are wasting the short time that God has given you on this earth if you are not striving to glorify Him in all you do and loving Him with all that you are.