Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Not Too Late

From “From this day forward” by Andree Seu Peterson, World Magazine, December 29, 2012
. . . The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy, and the worst thing he steals is hope. Rightly is he called Deceiver and Accuser, for all his hats reduce to two: First he is sympathetic ally in our defections, and then we find him standing in court with black suit and briefcase as prosecutor (Zechariah 3): “If you had only not given up back in 1980,” he says, “you might have had a chance after all. But this time you really really blew it.” . . .

The older you get, of course, and the more trips around the turnstile of entrenched sin, the more the devil seems to have a case when he whispers in your ear “it’s too late now.” Which means that if you have come to your senses later in life like me, then at the very time when you are finally determined to put away “it’s too late now” in exchange for “All things are possible with Christ,” you are looking at a towering stack of failure.

Nevertheless, the prescription is the same as when you were 20, 30, and 50: Hope in the Lord. Sanity is grasping the math that if it is by sinning that one plunges into misery, then it is not by more sinning that one makes things better. Only one time in your life is it really true that “it’s too late now,” and that is a minute after you are dead. . . .
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