Monday, December 8, 2014

The Prophetic Promise of Peace

Isaiah 9:1-7              December 7, 2014             Link for audio/video/manuscript

Just as the Jews of Jesus’ day earnestly looked for a Messiah that would come as a great warrior king and deliver Israel from her enemies and establish Israel as sovereign among all the nations – so to do we often look for the return of Christ coming down from the heavens on a white horse to rescue us and claim victory over war, violence, terrorism, hate, prejudice, bitterness, brokenness, injustice, sin, satan and evil forces of the world. But the reality for us is that Jesus has already come! He has come and he rose from dead and ascended into heaven. God has fulfilled His promise to come with His presence, and because God’s promise has been realized in Jesus - we have peace. Jesus is our God, our King, our “Prince of Peace” - our victory!