Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Joy in the Hope of the Glory of God

Romans 5:1-11                   March 22, 2015                Link for audio/video/manuscript

We are blessed in being justified through Jesus Christ with joy of having peace with God. All the conflict of the soul between us and God is ended and we are at peace with Him. Christ’s death on the cross gives us access to God’s grace. In him we have the confident assurance of a hope for a glorious future with God forever. He blesses us with suffering and trials and struggle and pain and the pressures of life that are for us in that they shape us ever more into the image of our Lord Jesus. God pours His love into our hearts as we imperfectly seek to love Him and live for Him. The cross of Christ saves us from sin and reconciles us back to God. The Word of God reveals to us the blessings we have been given by being justified through Jesus Christ that should cause us with one heart and voice to rejoice in the hope of the glory of God!