Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Law of Death and the Life of Grace

Romans 5:12-21                    March 29, 2015             Link for audio/video/manuscript

We all desperately need faith in Jesus and the righteousness of God and justification through Christ and reconciliation with God - because there is a flaw within the character of our souls that we all share with one another that has been with us from the beginning of creation. Jesus Christ came to the earth to offer men a cure for the curse which Adam’s sin brought upon all mankind. The gospel confronts us with a choice as to whether we will live out our faith in Jesus Christ by the law of death or by a life of grace. The difference between the two is revealed in how we view and act towards God and each another. We are all related to one another; we are all infected with the same flaw of sin. But while Adam does lead us to death, Jesus frees us and gives us life!