Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Glorious Wisdom and Ways of God!

Romans 11:25-36                    July 5, 2015                  Link for audio/video/manuscript

It’s easy for us to think we are better than we really are, when we think we know more than we really know. The great paradox of our faith in God through Jesus Christ is that God created us to have a mind and heart and a will, and it is our privilege to use our minds and our hearts and our wills to the best of our ability in a way that would glorify God - which means there will be times, because we are all recovering sin-a-holics, when we will all reach the limit of minds, hearts and wills regarding who God is and the ways that God does things. And at that point there is nothing left to do but worship in wonder and bow in adoration. And the truth is those moments happen all the time, every day. Our problem is that more often than not we miss those moments because our arrogant pride gets in the way. Its then we must desperately pray God will work in spite of us. Having done his best, the apostle Paul was content to leave it all to God!