Monday, August 10, 2015

The Law of Love and the Disunity of Judgment

Romans 14:1-23            Sunday, August 9, 2015           Link for audio/video/manuscript

God our Father is pleased when he sees his children making sacrifices for the sake of each other. God builds His church through the sacrificial decisions of his people, as they love each other. He started his church with the greatest and most loving sacrifice of all— that of his Son. While it is true the church is God’s church and that Jesus is really the only one who builds up the church, it is possible for us to tear down the church when we value personal preferences over agape love. Personal preferences are not worthy to be compared to the value of God’s church, which Jesus purchased with his own blood. Neither old music nor new music nor short services nor long services nor personal preferences fulfills the law. Only love fulfills the law. May the Law of Love eliminate any and every kind of disunity of judgment in our midst!