Monday, April 11, 2016

A Resurrection Change of Heart

Luke 24:13-35            March 27, 2016          Link for audio/video/manuscript

When Jesus intrudes into our lives and intervenes in our thoughts and sends conviction into our spirits, it is for the purpose of changing us - and in the process He reveals things that are hidden and uncomfortable as He encroaches deeply into our conscience, and invades the private areas of our hearts, souls and lives. Today we know that Jesus has risen from the dead! And he is walking with us, listening to us and, if we are willing to hear his voice and willing to listen to his voice, speaking God’s truth into our lives – so we might know a change of heart and your affections so you might eat of the bread of life and never hunger; and drink of the living water and never thirst; and live with and for the crucified and resurrected Jesus Christ forever