Friday, June 10, 2016

The Power of Patience

James 5:7-12                 June 5, 2016              Link for audio/video/manuscript

As fallen created beings who live in a fallen world, waiting is our collective common experience. The power of patience available to us in times of pain, struggle and conflict is the power of the resurrected Jesus Christ who ascended into heaven, and who will someday return to this world take those who possess a living faith in him to their eternal home with him in the glory of heaven. Like the farmer, we are to patiently plow, plant and water as we wait for the fruit of God’s spiritual harvest. Like the prophets we are to patiently endure opposition when we share and live out the Word of God. Like Job we are to patiently allow God to do His deeper work within us for His greater purpose in times of suffering. May we each as individuals, and all of us together, come to know the power of the patience of God-given restraint in the midst of all of our struggles, knowing that Jesus is with us and he will return!